Welcome to J.W. Hair Collection..

Our high quality 100% virgin hair is lightweight providing a natural movement and flow. Our hair embodies flexibility in styling, fullness and body. This will give you longevity and purity to your perfect look. We want you to look your best in our hair. J.W. Hair Collection is one that surpasses the norm. The JWHair Collection brand was founded with the core values of extraordinary quality, phenomenal customer service and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in knowing that the beautification of all women can begin with us. J.W. Hair Collection offers a product that will assist you in exuding confidence, sex appeal and the overall “feel good” sensation.


Our story is that of sheer coincidence and fate wrapped into one. In 2011 we were introduced to one another by a mutual associate. We realized quickly that we shared similar beauty interest and business goals. Our passion for hair was also partnered with the love of business.  We began to collaborate on business ideas/brand creation and the rest is history.We have been inseparable ever since.

As we grow along this journey together, we are determined to leave a legacy with our brand that is lasting and pays homage to the inspirations that shaped us into who we are.  Business Besties and GOAL Friends is what we are for life.